Sunday, 29 November 2015

Christmas Art Activities

It's finally time for Christmas excitement and decorations in the classroom. Below are some Art ideas that I will be doing this month with my class.

Christmas Snowmen 

I recently saw this online and thought it as very cute and quite easy to do.  I will ask each child to bring in any sock that may be odd at home (the more colourful the better) to make the hat and the scarf for the snowmen. We will use little pompoms or felt rather than pins. You could also use buttons if you have enough for the class (again they might have spare ones at home).  Check out the video tutorial on Youtube.

Christmas Cards

Christmas cards are always a nice art activity to do for granny/grandad or even members of the class. It can be a useful activity on the last day or two before the holidays. I really like pop out cards for the older classes as it adds an extra challenge for them.

This is one that I used as inspiration for my class last year.
Image Source

Glass Painting

A useful way to recycle jars from home. the children add the outline of their design first and then choose suitable colours to paint them. They are lovely with a candle lighting inside them for Christmas.

Symmetry Snowmen

Doubling up with a bit of Maths these are really cute symmetry scenes.
Image Source
Image Source

Nativity Scene

This is a nice group activity where the children can make a 3D version of the Nativity scene in a shoebox. Adding straw is a nice touch if you or the children can get their hands on some.

Image Source
Or try out this Nativity silhouette.

Winter Hats

This would be a good print lesson for the children.

Christmas Tree Decorations

Image Source
This can be made using felt (it is nicer if you use the strong felt as they are more sturdy). The children can choose to make any Christmas related felt shape. PVA glue or a hot glue gun is the best way to stick the felt together.  Pop on a ribbon at the end and it can be hung from the Christmas tree. Here are some ideas!

Image Source

I'm sure a lot of you have seen this one, I had to add it in because it is so simple yet really effective!

Other ideas here & source
Here is another simple but effective example that would be lovely as a Christmas card.
Image Source

And finally, one that can be a whole class or whole school piece of art. Everyone can decorate their own star as they wish and combine them all to make a masterpiece!

Image Source

Please add any other ideas or links you have below :)

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