Sunday, 17 January 2016

3D Shapes (Station Teaching)

With such a big Maths Curriculum to cover in the senior classes, it can be difficult to have time for lots of hands on activities. This week it was great to put the text book aside and use station teaching to explore 3D shapes.

First of all, we did a general introduction on 3D Shapes and a recap on what the children already knew about 3D shapes. This interactive was very effective:

Image Source

Then I did station teaching, these are the stations we used in my classroom.

1. Construct 3D shapes

The children were assigned a 3D shape to make. They had to figure out how many cocktail sticks and pieces of playdough they would need to make the shape.  Lollipop sticks and marshmallows are also useful materials for this activity. Afterwards, the children recorded how many faces, edges and vertices their shape had and we made a grid together on the board to recap on the lesson.

2. Make a net of the 3D Shape

You can download some templates to print on SEN Teacher. Again, the children identified and recorded the properties of the shapes.
Image Source

3. Find examples of 3D shapes in school environment

We used iPads at this station. Cameras could also be used or if your school does not have these resources, the children could make a list of objects they found. They surprised me with some of the examples they found around the school.

4. Interactive Games

I always like Interactive Sites for Maths games so I chose 1-2 games based on 3D shapes for the children to consolidate their learning.

Image Source
You can download banners and posters for 3D shapes on Teachers Pet.

Image Source

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