Sunday, 7 February 2016

Valentine Art Ideas

Whether it is the infants making cute crafts for their parents or the older children sending them to each other, it is always fun to do some Valentine Art.

I have put a few ideas that I found online together that might help for Art this week.

1. The traditional Valentine's Card

I usually like to let the children work with a variety of materials (buttons, felt, pipe cleaners etc.) and see what they come up with themselves. Our Infant class are doing the 'Post Office' at the moment for Aistear so we will have fun posting them aswell!

This 3D card is very cute!
Image Source

2. Kandinsky-style Hearts

I just found this online and it reminded me of Kandinsky's painting of circles. This would be a nice way to tie in an artist to an art lesson.

 Image Source
Image Source

3. Love Bugs

I made these a  few years ago but must not have taken any photos. I got flat stones and the children painted little 'love bugs' on them!
They were something like these:
Image Source

4. Paper Tissue Heart 

This might be a nice idea for the younger classes: make a crepe paper heart (and maybe draw a picture in the middle of the person/people they are given it to).
Image Source
Happy Valentine's Everyone! <3

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